Geary Chopoff


I am the sole proprietor of Chopoff Consulting. I have run my consulting business for over 20 successful years. In that time I have consulted with some of the largest as well as the smallest businesses in the Silicon Valley. I originally started Chopoff Consulting to work on challenging state-of-the-art embedded projects. This kept me affiliated with many different industries including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of hard drives and consumer related products in health care, communications and digital cameras. My experience during consulting ranged from team support to being a project leader and then manager of development software. My experience with numerous startups has given me a terrific foundation with great insight into managing challenging projects with tough schedules and of course the inevitable tight budgets.

I am loyal and have been a key player in the success of all of the projects I have so far been involved with. My talents include the management of small teams, the architect of embedded designs, the implementer of both object oriented interfaces and time critical drivers. My ability to do and understand hardware design as well as use hardware debugging techniques, nicely compliments the software design and debugging tools I have developed, especially for power sensitive battery operated appliances in real time environments.

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Last update: 2015 Jan 17


November 2002 to January 2004

I handed over most of my business clients to Mr. Christopher Russo, who up until November had been my apprentice. I then explored other avenues of business including trading various instruments in addition to my real estate investments. What I have learned has encouraged me to share my experience with a new found enthusiasm in problem solving. I maintained minimal but necessary consulting support during the sabbatical.


Philips Medical Systems

April 2002 to November 2002

contact: David Moberly

My last major consulting contract was with Philips Medical Systems where my team worked on their hub project. This project included work on their graphical user interface (GUI) as well as on various drivers. My team basically worked with the hardware group, verifying the design and providing guidance to the application team. This project also required a thorough knowledge of real time operating environments with the added constraint of real world noise introduced to the data due to radio operation.


National Semiconductor

December 2000 to June 2001

contact: Luis Aldaz

At National Semiconductor, I managed the software team. My team successfully worked with the hardware and systems teams to bring a complete IP stack to demonstration stage by the designated deadline. We implemented IP on an ARM connected to an APTIX prototyping platform and demonstrated a live connection to the internet through hardware implementing a full set of 3GP WCDMA algorithms.



September 2000 to January 2001

contact: Mammad Safai

At Agilent I consulted on the design and debug of an 8051 interface to a proprietary ASICS. One side of which was connected to a PC running Windows 98 through an RS-232 serial port. I also provided support for the digital camera being developed for RCA. As Agilent does not hire consulting managers, I arranged to gradually shift my workload to National Semiconductor and continue on the career path I have chosen

September 1998 to September 2000

contact: Mammad Safai

At PhotoAccess I consulted as  manager of development software for their PhotoChip project. This project was ultimately sponsored by RCA which very much wanted to develop a digital camera with internet access built in. When PhotoAccess ran into financial difficulties and decided to sell the engineering division, Agilent stepped in and bought it. I believe the work I did as software manager helped make the engineering team an attractive buy for Agilent.



While consulting at VLSI I authored the C-Demon a ā€œCā€ based debugger for the then new ARM processor. I was later lead programmer for the windows based JumpStart debugger for ARM from VLSI (version 1.0). More importantly, I was heavily involved for 2 years in a support capacity on their CDPD project. During that time I devised several custom tools that enabled the RF engineers to monitor how well they were connecting to the local base station. I was also the main programmer for most of the support routines and drivers.



My first startup was Data Technology of which I was 1 of 6 founders 30 years ago. My first management position was with E&H Instruments as software manager. In the intervening years I have been involved with several startups and have gained much expertise that I am anxious to use. It is my desire to enter into a relationship in a management capacity so that we can achieve the rapid ROI (return on investment) that happens when great teams are empowered.